Chance to take part in survey of submerged Pett forest

A team of scientists commissioned by English Heritage to investigate the submerged forest on the foreshore at Pett Level started work last Monday.

They will be on site until Friday 3 October, during low tides, when they will be surveying and sampling the ancient trees and peat layer.

And local people will have the opportunity to take part in the exciting project.

Volunteers are invited to come along in their wellies and help.

On Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 September, the team will be running drop-in sessions between 10am and 4pm at Winchelsea Court Hall, where they will be hosted by the Winchelsea Archaeological Society.

Visitors can come along at any time during the day and talk to members of the team and see some of their work, including tree ring dating and environmental sampling.

In addition, on Saturday afternoon, at 4pm, Dr Scott Timpany, the leader of the team, will be giving a talk to the Winchelsea Archaeological Society about the Pett Level survey and the archaeology of submerged land in general in the Court Hall. Entry to the drop-in sessions and the talk are free.