Chance to view historic shipwreck Amsterdam and learn her story

Amsterdam shipwreck SUS-181007-123029001
Amsterdam shipwreck SUS-181007-123029001

Buried beneath the beach at Bulverhythe rests the most complete wreck anywhere in the world of a Dutch East Indiaman - the Amsterdam.

Now people will have a chance to explore the site and learn more about the fascinating history of the ship when a guided tour takes place on Sunday July 15 at 7.30pm.

Dating from 1749, between two thirds and three-quarters of the ship remains buried in the sand, making her more complete even than the Mary Rose.

Organised by the Shipwreck Museum, the guided visit to the wreck will take place on Sunday 15th July.

Participants will have the chance to explore not only the visible remains of the great vessel herself, and hear her story narrated by experienced guides from the museum, but also to examine features of the surrounding shore. There people can see remains of an extraordinary preserved Bronze Age forest, with tree remains which have been dated back to around 2000-2500BC, as well as Cretaceous rocks from the age of the dinosaurs, estimated to be around 135-140 million years old.

The visit starts at 7.30pm. Visitors should assemble at the Viewing Platform at the seaward side of the railway bridge at the end of Bridge Way, West St Leonards.

Tickets and further information are available from the Shipwreck Museum in person or by telephone on 01424 437452. The cost of £6 for adults and £2 for children includes a copy of the fully-illustrated Amsterdam guidebook. Tickets can also be purchased from the walk leaders on the day itself.