Charity badges may be banned from Force

Police logo SUS-140619-085028001
Police logo SUS-140619-085028001

Sussex Police officers could be banned from showing support for charities and good causes by wearing badges on their uniforms.

The Force is looking at making an exception for Remembrance Day poppies and white ribbon badges for anti domestic violence, but even this has not been decided yet.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said: “Items worn by officers on their uniforms should maintain the standards of professionalism as overseen by the Uniform Committee; there are many good causes that officers may choose to support in such a way but we need to maintain a uniform standard.

“This policy includes scope to wear recognised charitable emblems, such as the Remembrance Day poppies and White Ribbon badges, but we have received no requests so far to add this patch to the approved items.

“This issue has highlighted the strength of feeling officers have about worthy causes and we have liaised with the Police Federation to agree an urgent review of this matter this week. The issue of wearing charity emblems on uniforms has shown that we have perhaps not always maintained the highest standard of uniform.”