Children’s Chipper Club is launched


WE are launching a new children’s club and want all our young readers to get involved.

Below is a message from our new mascot, Chipper.

Hi kids,

My name’s Chipper and I want to say a big welcome to my new club.

I’ll be here every week and I really hope you’ll be joining me.

I’m looking for all you lovely children to become my Chipsters because together we’re sure to have lots of fun.

By joining my club, you’ll be able to enter special competitions no-one else can take part in.

Every year on your birthday your name will appear in the paper next to my cartoon, for all your friends to see.

And if you send me your jokes, stories, pictures and views on what you’ve been up to and where you’ve been, I’ll put them here for everyone else to read.

Have you drawn a lovely picture recently? Send it to me and I’ll publish it.

Have you taken a lovely photo? Let me see it, and I’ll print it on my page.

Have you been somewhere lovely with your family or your school? Let me know that, too!

You can become a Chipster if you’re 11 or younger and joining is free and really easy.

Just fill in the form in the Observer, ask your parent or guardian to sign it, and post it in.

Once you’ve joined, I’ll send you your membership pack, which will include your special membership card, Chipper pin badge and Chipper pencil.

Or you can sign up online – just go to and fill in the form.

So come on, join my club and let me know what you’ve been up to. And don’t forget – send me your pictures. I love pictures that people have drawn of me!

Chip chip for now.