Church is supporting family


Reverend Rod White, Rector of St Mary’s Church in Northiam, spoke of the impact the tragic death of Mary Ann Shipstone has had on the congregation and wider community.

He said the church has been pro-active in caring for the family and distraught residents.

“We are very close to this. Our prayers, love and, importantly, our presence are with Lyndsey and those affected.

“This is a lovely community and this has brought people closer together. I have visited every house in Springhill.

“The service on Sunday was deeply moving.

“The family are members of St. Mary’s Church, Northiam and as a Church family we are loving and supporting them in every way we can as well as being very involved in the local school and trying to be there for our hurting community.”

Karen Ayling, who is a member of the Deanery Synod, descibed Mary as ‘a lovely little girl’.

She said: “ It was only 18 months ago that she first came to St Mary’s and immediately found a place in our hearts.

She was always so happy and enthusiastic, contentedly concentrating on what she was doing and always, always smiling.

She looked like a princess for her big day - her baptism last December - when she joined the church family.

All of us who knew her will miss her very much.”

Northiam resident Marie Edwards said: “Lyndsey and Mary Ann were involved in the life of the church and church activites,”