Cinema plan could lose the support of Rye Town Council

RYE Town Council is to revisit its decision to support a new cinema complex in Lion Street amid concerns over the proposed design of the building.

The scheme won approval from the council when it held a special meeting to discuss the issue earlier this month.

But a number of councillors had misgiving over the design, particularly that of the roof, and there was a general feeling that the plans ,submitted by the Fletcher in Rye community interest group, did not provide enough detailed information.

Decisions can be revisited, and possibly overturned, if nine councillors make a formal request .

Cllr Granville Bantick told the Observer; “Nine councillors have had a rethink about the design aspect, about which we should have perhaps attached conditions to the original approval.

“This is to reconsidered at a Full Council meeting on February 4.”

If the Fletcher Group’s plans gain approval it will see a 153 seat cinema, with a bar and cafe area, in the former FE Centre on Lion Street.

The cinema will be run by the same team behind the highly successful Kino Cinema at Hawkhurst.

But there are some concerns over how the new building would fit into the Rye Conservation Area.

Some Rye councillors criticised plans to use a black vulcanised rubber material for some parts of the roof.

The historic art room part of the site will though keep its tiled roof.

Some residents have also raised concerns over traffic generation but the Fletcher Group has promised to draw up a detailed traffic management plan.

The project still has widespread support in the town and with many Rye councillors.

Cllr Gemma Blumire commented that it would be “absolutely brilliant” for the people of Rye.