Claverham College students enjoy triumph in speaking competition

Speaking competition SUS-180214-142011001
Speaking competition SUS-180214-142011001

Claverham Community College took the prize in both the intermediate and the senior sections of the annual local round of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition held at Bexhill Academy on February 1.

The successful Claverham College teams will now go on to the district final in Maidstone on March 3.

The first round of this national competition was organised by the Rotary Clubs of Battle and Bexhill-on-Sea.

Michael Hodge, from the Rotary Club of Battle, said: “In addition to the Claverham teams, there were teams from Bexhill Academy and Battle Abbey School at both levels.

“A feature of this round of the competition is the inclusion of a guest team from De Lage Waard school in the Netherlands.

“This year was no exception and as always the Dutch team amazed the audience with their mastery of English.

“The competition requires a team of three to speak on a subject of their choice.

“There is a chairperson, a main speaker and a giver of the vote of thanks.

“The competition requires exceptional skill in presenting a persuasive argument to an attentive adult audience.

“The demands of the competition would daunt many an adult. Once again the teams from the local schools demonstrated that they were well up to the challenge.”

The Claverham intermediate team. comprised of Isabella Trevett, Mia Shaw and Nathaniel Mitchell, spoke on “The Health and Safety of Childhood” and their seniors on “Morality, Empathy and Group Mentality”.

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