Clear road ahead at Iden

Iden Road
Iden Road

MUCH needed resurfacing work on the B2082 at Iden has now been completed.

Over 2,000 square metres of road were planed off and resurfaced, using 300 tonnes of road surfacing material.

The machine used to resurface this road is one of only a few in this country that can lay up to a width of 8m, this allows the full width of the road to be surfaced in one go, reducing the laying times and reducing the duration of the road closure, but improving the strength of the road as no centre joint exists.

Councillor Keith Glazier, , Deputy Leader and Vice-Chairman of Cabinet went to OIden to view the completed work: He said: “I am very impressed by the efforts of our Highways teams to improve the roads across our county in the most efficient way possible. In this instance they have used this particular machine to resurface the full width of the road in one go and it is quite something to see it action.

“Over the last two and a half years, we have invested over £30 million in a programme of resurfacing works to repair some of the worst affected roads across the county.

“We appreciate that closing roads during resurfacing and reconstruction work is disruptive, we work hard to minimise disruption and we’d like to thank residents, businesses and motorists for their patience during these works.”

Councillor Glazier added: “I was particularly pleased to see that the County Council is utilising local businesses to carry out its resurfacing, in this particular case the Uckfield based business Hockley Surfacing.”