College set to modernise and expand

Rye College ENGSUS00120130731094506
Rye College ENGSUS00120130731094506

Rye Academy Trust is to register an interest in acquiring the Lower School site to replace the ageing Rye College Building.

Jacqui Lait, Chairman of the Trust, said: “Rye College building is coming to the end of its natural life. With careful repairs and maintenance it will carry on for many years, but will become increasingly expensive.

“Additionally, it was designed for a different style of teaching. We need a modern building which will be a positive aide in learning as we have discovered with the layout of the Rye Studio School for the Creative Industries.

“Building on the Lower School site will keep intact our vision of the Rye Educational Quarter and will allow us develop further facilities for the benefit of everyone in Rye and the surrounding area.”

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