Concern over speeding cars


Pupils at Catsfield Primary School contacted MP Greg Barker to raise their concerns over speeding vehicles outside the school.

Greg Barker, joined Year 5 and 6 pupils at Catsfield School last Friday to talk about their recent democracy project following some ‘excellent’ letters he received from them about the problem.

The pupils wrote to Greg as part of their Learning Journey on democracy so Greg decided to find out more about their concerns by visiting them at school.

During the visit the Catsfield pupils told them that they had been learning about democracy by finding out about their local MP, political leaders and what happens in Parliament.

They also created their own political parties to learn about campaigning for something they care about, how elections work and public speaking. The class all worked together on a project which measured the speed of cars passing outside their school.

The pupils told Greg how shocked they were by the speed of many cars and that they wanted to do something about it.

Speaking at the school Greg said: “I was delighted to talk to Year 5 and 6 pupils about their democracy project and I was so impressed with their terrific work.

I was encouraged to see how interested they were in learning about our democracy. Their excellent letters to me about speeding problem at their school showed that they had done a lot of detailed research and found some stark statistics about school children being hurt by dangerous drivers. I shall now be working with the pupils to investigate what measures might be put in place to deal with this problem.”