Concerns raised after pet pigs dumped in woodland

Kunekune pigs found dumped in Brede High Woods
Kunekune pigs found dumped in Brede High Woods

The RSPCA said concerns have been raised for the welfare of a family of Kunekune pigs after they were found ‘dumped’ in Brede High Woods this week.

The pigs – which originate from New Zealand – were thought to have been abandoned pets.

They were found by a member of public, in Brede High Woods, who contacted the RSPCA to help rescue them.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We’re really grateful to people for letting us know about the pigs spotted in Brede Woods.

“Woodland can be a suitable habitat for pigs if someone is caring properly for them but we understand there are concerns that these pigs may have been dumped there.

“We’ve been in touch with the owners of the land who are aware and are now looking into this. Anyone with welfare concerns for the pigs or any animal can call us on 0300 1234 999.”

The owners of the land – the Woodland Trust – said they were looking into the situation and advised walkers to keep their dogs on a lead until the ‘position is clearer’.

Andy Sharkey, head of estate at the Woodland Trust, said: “The Woodland Trust, along with other local landowners, were made aware that a number of what appeared to be domesticated/pet pigs had been seen in the area of Brede High Woods. It appears that these were most likely abandoned pets.

“Working with neighbours, a number of pigs have been rounded up and are now secure and safely housed in the locality.

“Attempts are now being made to place these animals at a suitable animal rescue centre.

“Checks continue locally to ascertain if any further abandoned pet pigs are still at large.

“We ask that visitors to the area note that there are also wild boar present and they should not attempt to get close, pet or try to capture any pigs/boar in the area as they can be dangerous.

“We are also advising until the position is clearer that any dog walkers in the area are best to keep their dogs on a lead.”