Conquest Hospital to come under scrutiny by CQC health inspectors

A HEALTH watchdog will be visiting the Conquest Hospital later this year.

The new chief inspector of hospitals, Sir Mike Richards, from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced that East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital on The Ridge in Hastings, together with Eastbourne’s DGH, will come under scrutiny from his team in September.

Three years ago the trust was heavily criticised by CQC inspectors for faling in a number of key areas, highlighting major concerns over patient safety, privacy and staffing levels.

But since then the organisation hs made a raft of improvements.

Darren Grayson, trust chief executive, said: “We continually strive to deliver excellent care to our patients and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this to the CQC during its inspection. When the inspection team comes, they will see an integrated trust that works to provide seamless care for the people of East Sussex. We are very keen to work with the CQC to learn more about its new inspection approach and how we can use its view of the trust to further improve the quality of care for our patients.

“Our staff work incredibly hard, day in, day out, to deliver great care to patients. I see this every time I visit the wards and departments, and I hear this when I speak to patients and visitors. It’s because of this that we’re looking at the upcoming CQC inspection as an opportunity to demonstrate what we do well, to showcase our services, and above all, to convey just how passionate we are about caring for our patients.

“There is, of course, the natural nervousness that comes when you’re told you’re being inspected; we know the CQC will be keen to see whether we’ve got good plans and procedures in place, and it’ll want reassurance that we’ve got the basics right such as infection control, privacy and dignity for patients, and protecting them from harm. Like every other trust in the country, we have our challenges and we know we don’t get everything right all of the time, but that doesn’t stop us aiming high and continually trying to improve the care we offer. I genuinely hope that the dedication of our staff to their patients and their professions shines through during the inspection. The care and welfare of our patients is our number one priority.”