Council learn on Rocklands

Councillors are being urged to agree actions to learn lessons from the Rocklands caravan site planning issue.

Members of the planning committee were due to meet on Monday to discuss the matter.

Two consultant’s reports were drafted to examine the council’s handling of the planning and licensing issues in relation to the Rocklands caravan site.

The first recommendation is the council should improve its examination of planning applications. The second is the council should respond in a more positive manner to complaints and reports of breaches of planning control.

The third is a review of procedures for signing off delegated planning applications. The fourth is a review of internal consultation procedures. The fifth is to consider a change to its delegated agreement so that if identical applications, previously refused, could be subsequently considered by committee if the recommendation is permitted.

The final recommendation is the council should undertake a thorough review of procedure for granting caravan site licences that would include consulting other departments.

The Save Ecclesbourne Glen Group has submitted a report to the council stating it is in broad agreement with the consultant reports. But it has pointed out ‘errors of fact’ with concerns relating to the drainage of waste water and sewage.