Council looks to make bends on Harbour Road safer for all

Action is to be taken to prevent dangerous parking near the Rye entrance of the Rye Harbour Road.

Parked vehicles near the bends cause a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

Rye county councillor Keith Glazier said: “Hopefully we can make that corner safe. If we are going to have parking there let’s make sure it is safe parking. It is a real danger.

“The issue should be resolved by the end of the month.”

A local cyclist was killed on the Rye Harbour Road a few years ago.

A cycle path was constructed along part of the road following a public campaign but does not run the entire length of the road.

Cllr Glazier said: “We are looking again at the criteria for finishing off the cycle path. There are pots of money available here and there.

“We own quite a bit of the land but it will need some negotiation with local land owners.

“We will hopefully have a plan ready by the end of the year so we can then implement it in the next financial year.”