Council refuses to help pupils at danger road


East Sussex County Council is refusing to take traffic calming action outside Catsfield Primary School because a child has not yet been killed or injured.

The council has ignored evidence presented to it by the school and pupils and concerns raised by Battle MP Greg Barker and told the school that no action is to taken as a child has not yet been killed or seriously injured.

Yet the school has taken speed gun readings which show vehicles on the busy road regularly break the speed limit outside the school in both directions.

There have already been several near misses and only recently there was an incident when a car failed to stop for a lollipop person.

Children from the school, backed be deputy head Jonathan Elms have been carrying out their own surveys and campaigning for action to be taken.

The school has been in touch with the parish council, which also has concerns over road safety in the village.

MP Greg Barker came into the school to meet staff an children and hear for himself about the problems.

The school borrowed a speed recording device to monitor traffic and found that many vehicles were breaking the speed limit outside the school with some travelling at nearly 50mph through the 30mph speed limit.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the 30mph sign is less than 100 yards away from the school crossing.

Deputy Head Jonathan Elms said: “We are not happy with the response from East Sussex County Council after all the evidence we presented to them.

“It makes no sense at all that a child should be hurt or killed before any action is taken.

“The Year 5 and 6 pupils are keen to carry on with this. They want to make a difference and make it safer for pupils who will attend the school in the future.

“The road is so dangerous we have to have a lollipop person at the start and end of the day.”