Crackdown on shops offering under the counter cigarettes

SHOP owners selling cigarettes or tobacco with packaging that does not contain the proper health warnings have been told they will face the full weight of the law if caught.

The news follows the prosecution of a St Leonards man who was caught out by a Trading Standards test purchase.

Ako Mohammed was fined £200 for selling a single packet of rolling tobacco that did not carry the required warnings.

The tobacco was sold at a convenience store in Eastbourne which has since closed.

This is a good result for East Sussex Trading Standards,” said Cllr Rupert Simmons, East Sussex County Council’s lead member for economy.

“This sends a warning to anyone selling illegal cigarettes that it doesn’t matter whether you are selling 100 packs or just one, if you are breaking the law you will be prosecuted.

He added: “As well as costing us all in unpaid taxes, these products also put people’s lives at risk - because they are not subject to rigorous controls and checks, we have no idea what they contain.”