Crash course for young drivers

YOUNG people from the Rye area got expert advice on how to cope at the scene of a road traffic accident.

The new Crash Course project was launched at Rye Harbour by Team Cohesion earlier this month.

Young people took part in a dramatic re-enactment of a road crash scene, complete with smoking vehicles and realistic casualties.

The event proved to be a great success with Mehdi Hammed commenting: “This is the best course I have ever been involved in,” and Lyndsey Byrne saying: “Every driver should attend” Lyndsey Byrne

The course is aimed at potential young drivers and existing drivers. The use of actors and graphic casualty make up, helped to add realism.

Course instructors Andy Sullivan, Shaun Taberer and John Phillips designed the course primarily for young drivers to provide effective pre-hospital first aid skills at the scene of a road traffic collision in order to save lives.

Andy Sullivan said: “In the light of recent crashes it must be better to have as many trained and confident first responders able to administer lifesaving first aid at any scene.

“We must be ready to face all kinds of hazards and possible horrible situations and need to build our resilience to disasters today.

“Team Cohesion recognise this and have produced a course, that not only gives students the skills and information on driving laws but also allows them to actively practice the skills in a real life situation.

“One Observer stated that he would be more than happy for any of the students attending the course to treat him having seen the skill levels being achieved in just two days.

“Our intention is that by attending this course young drivers will not just learn lifesaving skills but will also drive safer.

“All attendees were awarded the HSE Approved Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, but more importantly we now have a few more life savers on our roads that could potentially save yours or a loved one’s life.”

For further information for future Crash Courses, and other courses on offer, visit or contact Andy on 0845 5480911.