Burglars sent a clear message

Burglar sign
Burglar sign

POLICE are using an eye-catching electronic sign to get their message across to burglars in the Peasmarsh area.

It is believed to be the first time one of these signs, ordinarily used for road maintenance information, has been used to deliver this kind of message in East Sussex.

Inspector James Scott said: “Burglaries in Rother district have seen a fall of 7.4 per cent when compared with the previous year but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the pressure off.

“We continue to think of new and innovative ways to prevent crime, including deterring those thinking of committing it and this sign is just one of our tactics.

“I’d like to thank East Sussex County Council for loaning us this device.

“Only by working collaboratively with our partner agencies and communities can we continue to cut crime and give our ‘Don’t bother in Rother’ message real meaning.

“So far it has had a positive impact on residents with officers already receiving feedback about how reassuring it is to see us warning burglars to stay away.

“Whilst we have the sign we’ll be making the most out of it by moving it around the district displaying messages relevant to the area so expect to see it on a road near you soon.”

The mobile variable message sign reading ‘Burglars Beware - Extra Police patrols in this area - Don’t bother in Rother’ has been placed on a road in the Peasmarsh area.

Police recently held a successful crime prevention and property marking session in Peasmarsh at the Jempsons Superstore.