Cars now face being towed away in parking crackdown

RYE police are taking a zero tolerance approach to motorists who continue to park illegally.

And repeat offenders could find their vehicle being towed away.

Police are taking tough action after complaints from local people over parking problems.

Shoppers are unable to park in one hour bays in the High Street and other roads in the town centre due to other vehicle users leaving their car there all day.

It has been revealed that some of the offenders are shop owners themselves, but other traders have said people abusing the rules is having a detrimental effect on their business.

One vehicle has already been towed away in the town centre and police say they will act again if motorists continue to abuse the rules.

They have now introduced a three strikes and out warning system where, as well as being given a penalty ticket, police contact the vehicle owner.

Rye officer PC Paul Fielder said: “We are responding to a number of complaints from local people and are collecting information on repeat offenders.

“The second time someone offends and gets a ticket they will also be sent some information about parking problems and be asked to co-operate.

“The third time we will hand deliver a notice to them, again asking them not to park illegally. If it happens again after that the vehicle could be towed away.

“In the past three months we have issued three or four second warnings and two or three final warnings and one vehicle was towed.

“The problem is being caused by a persistent minority and it is these people who we will target and try to get the message across.

“Some of the main problem areas are High Street, East Street and Market Road.”

He added. “It is not total zero tolerance as we always try and take an understanding approach but we are taking more robust action against repeat offenders.”

Simon Routledge, from Peasmarsh, said: “You used to be able to pop into Rye, park in the hour zone and pick up a few things but now it is almost impossible.

“If people want to park for longer in Rye there are plenty of other cheap long-stay alternatives. You can park in the market car park for £1 all day.

“It is selfish to just leave your car in an hour space for hours on end. I fully support what the police are doing.”

The main enforcement on illegal parking in Rye is carried out by police whereas in places like Hastings and Eastbourne the council employs a team of wardens ro issue penalty tickets.

A Rother Council spokesman said: “We have no plans to take over as wardens but the Council would support measures to combat persistent illegal parkers and would consider looking at civil parking enforcement measures.”