Chef fined after Sedlescombe crash

A CHEF who crashed into a retired couple in Sedlescombe and wrote off their car, had swerved to avoid some wet leaves, a court heard this week.

Owen Omorogbe, 37, of Ward Way, Bexhill, appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he admitted driving without due care and attention.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said Omorogbe, was driving his silver Mazda on the A21 in November when he lost control on Whydown Hill.

“For some reason his car veered across the central white lines and into the path of an oncoming Rover,” he said.

“That car was sent spinning and there was a retired couple in the Rover who had to be cut out of their vehicle.

“They suffered bruising and were very shaken up, and the car was written off.”

He was travelling about 40 mph, was not overly tired and did not have any obvious distractions such as a mobile phone, Mr Kateley added.

Mark Glendenning, defending, said: “There was a huge number of leaves of wet plant matter by the side of the road and for whatever reason he decided to move away from those leaves rather than going through them.

“Unfortunately he did so very close to the brow of the hill and in doing so went into the other lane.

“He is not a maniac or an idiot on the road - it was a simple accident.”

Magistrates ordered Omorogbe pay £200 compensation, £85 court costs, a £65 fine and a £15 victim surcharge.

He was also given five points on his driving licence.