Deterring the car criminals

POLICE are urging motorists to take steps to prevent their vehicle becoming a target for car criminals.

A police spokesman said: “Next to your house, your car is often the most expensive single item you will buy.

“Make sure your car is parked in a secure place.

“Have you left any property in or on display in the vehicle, for example. mobile phone, camera, parcels, or is your CD or cassette player on view? Such items are a target for thieves.

“Have you locked your doors and engaged the steering lock or an immobiliser?

“Do not leave the engine running and then leave the vehicle to go into a shop or to post a letter.

“When parking your vehicle at night do not leave the vehicle keys just inside your letterbox.

“A common method used by thieves involves using poles and fishing rods to hook keys out properties through letterboxes.”