Disabled man hit in road rage attack

A DISABLED man, from Westfield, was punched and kicked by an irate driver during a ‘road rage’ attack.

Andrew Burt, 45, was riding his mobility scooter on the road in Westfield Lane when he said he was set upon.

He said: “The driver swerved and caught me off guard as I was going along the road. My scooter is taxed and fully insured so it can be used on roads.

“The driver got out of his van and started swearing at me.

“I tried to explain the situation but he was going mad and insulting me. He shouted at me, saying he was in a rush and that I should not be on the road but on the pavement.”

Mr Burt, of Cottage Lane, Westfield, who has a chronic disease of the spine, meaning he can hardly walk, was able to walk a few paces to explain to the motorist but he said he was attacked when his back was turned.

He said: “The driver punched and kicked me after I got back on the scooter. As a result I slipped off and banged my head on the ground. As well as having a disease of the spine, I suffer from blackouts.”

The attack happened on Friday, March 30 at around 10.30am.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “The victim was travelling on his mobility scooter when he was overtaken by a white van, which then pulled up in front of him. The van driver got out and swore at the man for driving his mobility scooter on the road. The victim was then struck on the back as he went to ride off.

“Police attended the area and searched for the van but it could not be located.

“This was an unnecessary assault on a man who was going about his daily business.

“The incident was not captured on CCTV and so we are appealing for anyone who witnessed the assault or the saw the mobility scooter prior to the incident to please call Sussex Police on 101.”