Drugs found on motorist in Battle

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A WOMAN was found with drugs in her bag whilst returning from a court hearing in London.

Julie Iceton, 46, of Worsham Lane, Bexhill, was stopped by police in Battle on July 13 after she was spotted driving erratically, a court heard on Wednesday.

When officers spoke to Iceton, they noticed a strange smell in her car and decided to search her.

Three small plastic bags containing cannabis were found in her handbag.

The drug was worth around £20 and was for Iceton’s own personal use.

She had previously received a fixed penalty notice back in January for possession of cannabis.

Iceton pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing a controlled Class B drug when she appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court.

Sam Wingfield, defending, said: “She was driving back from London having been to court to have her bankruptcy annulled.

“She had recently lost her job, lost her mother and lost her house.”

Ms Wingfield said Iceton had swapped over her handbags for the court hearing, but failed to realise there was cannabis in the new bag.

She said Iceton only smoked the drug occasionally.

Ms Wingfield said: “She had taken the cannabis previously, but not on this occasion.”

She added: “She said she can go weeks without needing cannabis so it is not a problem.”

The district judged fined Iceton £50 and she must pay £80 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The drugs will be destroyed.