Expert in Camber murder trial says three-year-old Lucy Dunford was held face down in a pillow.

Little Lucy Dunford was forcibly held face down in a pillow with hands around her neck says a forensic expert.

Home office pathologist Dr Nathanial Carey, an expert on death by asphyxiation, was giving evidence at Lewes Crown Court today where Lesley Dunford is standing trial for her three year old daughter’s murder in 2004, at her Camber home.

Dr Carey said: “There were a number of scratches and bruises on her neck typical of fingernail markings.

“There was evidence of some sort of grappling around the neck which paints a picture of how the airways had been interfered with.”

He said bruises, discovered on dissection, would be “consistent of hands around the neck”

He also ruled out that Lucy could have choked on her own vomit: “I would not expect this to happen in a previously fit and healthy three year old. It can be ruled out. It is likely to have happened during resuscitation.”

The case continues.