Lucy Dunford murder trial: latest.

Defence lawyer Peter Gower QC dealt with why Lesley Dunford did not immediately dial 999 after she found her three year old daughter Lucy laying lifeless.

He was addressing the jury at Lewes Crown Court, where Lesley Dunford, 33, denies murdering Lucy at her Camber home in February 2004.

Mr Gower said: “0f course you will ask why she did not call an ambulance first.

“Does the fact that she called the vicar and her husband Wayne first make it any more likely that she killed Lucy?

“If she had killed Lucy the last thing she would have done would be to call the vicar - a woman we know to be wise and perceptive.

“If the Reverend, who lived close by, had been able to resuscitate Lucy before the paramedics arrived everyone would be saying how sensible it was to have called her.

“Does any one of us really know how we would react if we were in the situation Mrs Dunford was in, with the sudden, unexpected death of her child?”

Commenting why Dunford gave inconsistent information in two police reports, Mr Gower said: “When giving an account it is very difficult to give every detail and get it in the right order, even in a relaxed situation.

“How much more difficult would it be two days after the death of your child across an interview table in a completely alien environment.”

Commenting on why Dunford had told police that she had not ‘threatened or got het up’, Mr Gower said: “She had been arrested on suspicion of murder and it stands to reason that she would have been sensitive about her behaviour on the day Lucy died.

“It does not take a genius to work out that the police would be looking for any signs of annoyance.”

Judge Richard Brown has begun his summing up and is expected to send the jury out to make its decision on Monday.