Man threatened to stab dog walker

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AN altercation between dog owners at Battle led to one man threatening to stab another.

Terrance Dinan, 49, of Knights Meadow, flew into a rage after another dog owner commented that his Staffordshire terrier should be on a lead.

He subjected the man to a tirade of abuse before following him up Hastings Road.

The incident erupted at Station Approach in January.

Dinan pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour when he appeared at Hastings Magistrates Court last week.

He also admitted breaching a bail condition not to have any contact with the victim.

Mark Kateley, prosecuting, said: “The victim was walking his dog with a neighbour near Battle railway station when he spotted Mr Dinan’s terrier, which was not on a lead. The dog had been a nuisance on other occasions.

“He requested that Dinan put the dog on a lead and that was met with aggression and abusive language.

“He said to the victim ‘I am going to cut you up and fill you with holes you nonce. I know where you live.’

“He then followed the victim and his neighbour up the hill toward the Tesco store saying: `You don’t know what you have started. You are close to death.’.

“The police were called and Dinan was spoken to but he blamed the other two denying all the threats he was alleged to have made.

“This matter came before the court on February 7 when Dinan pleaded not guilty and a trial date was fixed for April 17.

“He was arrested again this week for breach of bail after approaching the two victims again and being abusive.

“Both of the victims have said that they are in fear of Dinan.

“He has a lengthy history going back 30 years which includes offences of theft and drugs.”

Aiden Harvey, defending, said: “This came about due to a misunderstanding. He is not a violent man by nature.

“My client was walking his dog and there was no-one else around at the time.

“There is no suggestion that his dog was causing any problems with the other individual’s dog.

“They made a comment to him and it got out of hand.

“He denies saying he would stab anyone but admits he was abusive.

“The reason he followed them toward Tesco is because he lives in that area.”

Magistrates sentenced Dinan to a six month community order with supervision and ordered him to pay £50 in compensation to each of the victims.