PCSO hit by car as Rye police continue parking crack-down

Rye High Street 24/10/11
Rye High Street 24/10/11

RYE Police are stepping up their crack-down on illegal parking as motorists continue to overstay in town centre spaces.

Popular Rye town police community support officer Neil Holden was injured when he was clipped by a vehicle in the High Street whose irate owner was being handed a ticket.

A man is due to appear at Hastings Magistrates Court in connection with the incident.

Police have handed out in excess of 200 parking tickets in the last three months and have been taking a tough line with repeat offenders.

One offender, who ignored warnings at least three times, ended up having his vehicle towed away while two owners received personal visits from the police.

PC Paul Fielder said: “Nine have parked illegally at least twice and have been sent warning letters.

Police have been responding to concerns raised by the public at a local priority setting meeting.

PC Fielder said: “Neil was addressing one of the key concerns of the local community and while doing that someone drove into him.”

Illegal parking has a negative affect on trade in the High Street with shoppers unable to find short-stay spaces.

Cars parked illegally frequently mount pavements, say councillors, and damage kerbs and cobbles in the historic town, as well as creating a dangerous hazard for pedestrians.

Cllr Mary Smith, chair of Rye Town Council’s public services committee, said: “People are still parking to use cash machines and blocking the pavement so pedestrians are forced out into the road.

“We also have very large lorries in the town centre which reverse dangerously.”

Police say they are now looking at reports of illegal parking in the Strand area.

PC Fielder said: “We will continue to look at parking in the same manner we have been.”

The other priority that police are tackling in Rye is dealing with anti-social behaviour.