Police aim to tackle nuisance bikers in Rye area

ILLEGAL motorcycle riders going off-road in the Rye area could be in for a nasty surprise.

Police officers on unmarked motorcycles are being deployed to tackle the problem.

And those riding anti-socially or illegally may find their machines being seized by police.

Rye police sergeant Warren Downs said: “Reports of illegal motorcycling at Rye Harbour, the Tilling Green Estate and Valley View, Rye, have been received once again.

“Given that these motorcycles are often used off road it poses a problem for my team to catch up with them and deal with the riders.

“I have been successful in getting support from the roads policing unit to target these anti-social riders.

“Last week saw my team conducting speed checks and educating motorists across the Rye area.

“Officers on unmarked motorcycles will be used to target wrong-doers so I’d like to say to those riding anti socially. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!”