Police alert over tarmac cold-caller

POLICE are warning residents to say no to cold-callers following reports of a suspicious man touting for work in Ashburnham.

Last Friday afternoon (July 15), Battle police issued a warning via Twitter, the social networking website, that a man was calling at addresses in the village offering to tarmac driveways.

He claimed he had some tarmac left over from a previous job.

He was driving a white Ford Transit van, with a registration number starting GD06.

Nearly two weeks before, police had received reports of a man going door-to-door offering to tarmac drives in Withenden Hill, Burwash.

The man, who was described as looking “respectable” and driving a grey Ford Mondeo Zetech, claimed to have been working for the Highways Authority in nearby Heathfield and had some tarmac left over.

Battle police said there was “no direct link” between the two incidents.