Police scarecrow nicked

BATTLE police became victims of crime themselves when their scarecrow was stolen - from right outside the police station.

The town’s Police Community Support Officers had spent hours of their spare time putting together their theatrical policeman, who had a skull in his hands as if acting in the famous scene from Hamlet.

But on Tuesday night (July 5), thieves made off with the scarecrow, which had been a favourite with the townsfolk and the South East In Bloom judges.

It was found on Wednesday, smashed up and dumped in an alleyway near Coronation Gardens.

Sergeant Paul Masterson said he hoped the scarecrow would be back in position before the end of the three-week Battle Scarecrow Festival.

He said: “We will try and get him back up and functioning again some time soon.

“The PCSOs were pretty annoyed. A lot of work went into it.”

No one has been arrested over the theft.