Protect your property this weekend

RYE area residents are invited to play their part in helping beat crime and protect their property at the same time.

Rye Neighbourhood Policing Team is inviting people to attend its first property marking event at Frenchman’s Beach Caravan Park, Rye Harbour, on Easter Sunday between 10pm and noon.

Marking your property makes it easier to identify if stolen and makes it much harder for thieves to sell on, say police.

Local PCSOs will be on hand to offer home and caravan security advice, as well as free property marking, registration to your weekly local police updates and registration to the national property database

Police will be using ultra violet pens as well as Cre-Mark property marker pens followed by a lacquer spray which makes the ink virtually irremovable.

Rye police chief Inspector Katy Woolford said: “Security marking property is widely considered to be one of the best ways to protect yourself against theft and is an excellent way to retrieve an item if lost or stolen.

“Remember, we rely on you. The more you protect yourself, with our help, the more difficult we all make it for would-be thieves.”

If you can’t get out and about don’t worry, the police team will also be door knocking in the area to offer the free service.

For more information regarding Operation Marker, email Rye Neighbourhood Policing Team at Alternatively, you can contact your local PCSO or PC via the non emergency number, 101.