Public need fast response to antisocial behaviour says Godfrey

THE public should get a “strong and swift” response to antisocial behaviour within 24 hours of reporting an incident says East Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Labour candidate Godfrey Daniel.

The Government has published proposals to weaken antisocial behaviour tools and make people wait longer for a response from the police, says Godfrey - a move he is opposed to.

He said: “They are scrapping ASBOs and replacing them with weaker tools that don’t even have result in a criminal record if people ignore them; making people wait until three separate complaints about antisocial behaviour, or complaints from five different households, have been made before getting a police response; making it harder for the police to get CCTV cameras to prevent antisocial behaviour by wrapping up the process in red tape and cutting 467 police from our area, meaning fewer police working to tackle antisocial behaviour.”

Godfrey says he will work with the Chief Constable in Sussex to ensure victims of antisocial behaviour get a strong and swift response

“Victims should get a response to antisocial behaviour within 24 hours and not have to wait until five different households complain.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex should tell the Government, in no uncertain terms, they should not scrap ASBOs

“And the police response should be able to use strong tools, such as ASBOs, and make sure low-level antisocial behaviour is dealt with quickly and those responsible clear up their own mess

“This Government is weakening action on antisocial behaviour, scrapping ASBOs for weaker measures and making people wait longer for a response. People in Sussex know that’s not good enough.

“I will work with our Chief Constable to ensure victims get a swift response.”

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