Sussex motorcyclist was mis-sold cycle helmet for motorbike

SUSSEX POLICE is warning motorbike riders to be aware of pedal cycle helmets being mis-sold via on-line auction sites as motorcycle helmets.

The warning to riders comes after a man was stopped on Hastings Wednesday riding a Kawasaki 900CC and wearing a pedal cycle helmet which had been mis-sold to him as a motorcycle helmet.

Sergeant Phil Duffy from Road Policing Unit said: “When the Kawasaki rider was stopped it was apparent to the road policing officer that his helmet was actually a cycle helmet and not a motorcycle helmet.

“The rider was under the genuine belief that the crash helmet was suitable for use on a motorcyle and would afford him the proper level of protection if he was involved in a collision on his machine. This was simply not the case.

“These helmets do not offer the level of protection required by law and riders wearing them who end up in acollisioncould bekilled or seriously injured as a result. If you do purchase a motorcycle helmet from an on line auction site, or any other source, you must ensure that it is fit for purpose.”

All helmets sold in the UK must either:

•comply with British Standard BS 6658:1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark

•comply with UNECE Regulation 22.05

•comply with any standard accepted by a member of the European Economic Area which offers a level of safety and protection equivalent to BS 6658:1985 and carry a mark equivalent to the BSI Kitemark

If you are in doubt please refer to the government’s Helmet Safety Scheme (SHARP) at

Neil Hopkins from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership said: “We support Sussex Police in their bid to make motorcycle riders aware of the dangers of these mis-sold helmets.

“ECE approved helmets can be identified by a capital “E” within a circle, accompanied by a six figure approval number starting “05”. The approval marks may be located inside the helmet, normally a sticker underneath the lining or sewn on to the strap.

“British Standard approved helmets have a conspicuous sticker applied to the shell, indicating compliance with BS 6658, either A, or B, the latter being less stringent.

“The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Gold Sticker is not a legal requirement for use on the road, however, should you wish to use the helmet for a track day it will most likely be required to display such a sticker on the shell.”