Vicar battled to revive Lucy

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CAMBER Vicar Lucy Murdoch attempted to save the life of a three year old girl a murder trial at Lewes heard.

Revd Murdoch was the first to arrive at the family home after three year old Lucy Dunford stopped breathing on February 2 2004.

Lesley Dunford, 33 is standing trial at Lewes Crown Court accused of murdering her daughter.

Revd Murdoch was the first person Lesley called after finding her daughter face down and not breathing.

Lucy Murdoch became a family friend after officiating at the funeral service of Lesley’s seven month old son Harley, who was found dead in his cot on August 27 2007. She was a regular visitor to the home in Pelwood Road.

Prosecutor Sally Howes QC said: “On February 2 Tevd Murdoch had a meeting with the Archdeacon and was preparing to leave when she got a phone call from Lesley who said `It’s happened again’.

“Revd Murdoch described Lesley as panicky and frantic. She had not yet called an ambulance and the Revd told her to dial 99 immediately.

“She contacted her husband Wayne before calling the emergency services. This was at 3.15pm.

“Revd Murdoch went up to Lucy’s room. She said there was no response or movement and that she was floppy and warm with her eyes closed.

“She noticed a gash over the little girl’s left eye.

“She commenced to give her the kiss of life and carry out chest compression.

“She was joined by neighbour Anne Humphrey, who helped with resuscitation.

“Revd Murdoch noticed narrow and elongated pink-mauve marks on each side of Lucy’s neck which were about thumb sized.

“Revd Murdoch is absolutely clear that there was no vomit in the little girl’s mouth or airways.”

The trial was continuing this week.