‘We will never be released from our sorrow’

THE family of Julian Gardner say they will ‘never be released from our sorrow’ following his tragic death.

Julian’s mother Molly Gardner and his sister, Anna Murphy, paid tribute to their beloved son and brother.

They said: “Thanks to the justice system of this country, those responsible for this appalling crime have now been found guilty, which as far as we’re concerned was the only possible outcome.

“Those criminals, now convicted, appear to have shown no remorse for their actions.

“All those present that night bear responsibility and must live with Julian’s death on their conscience forever.

“They know that they will eventually be released from their sentence.

“However, we as Julian’s family will never be released from our sorrow.

“We particularly wish to thank the Sussex Police, not only for their meticulous work in bringing these criminals to justice, but also for their boundless courtesy and sensitivity which they have shown to us from that first terrible day.

“We also wish to thank our prosecuting counsel, Christine Laing and Mia Wellfare, for their dedicated work and total confidence in this case from the outset.

“Our Julian was above all a good and decent man who worked hard all his life.

“Before he had the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the results of his lifetime’s work, these men who have been convicted felt they had the right to steal all that Julian had worked for but succeeded only in robbing him of his life.

“All those that loved Julian are united in the grief we feel at the loss of this special son, brother, father and friend.”