Damp home is keeping family apart says dad

Damp problems SUS-140804-172959001
Damp problems SUS-140804-172959001

A RYE man says his wife and two children have had to leave their Tilling Green home due to ongoing damp and mould.

Mark Fairclough has remained in his Lea Avenue home trying to resolve the problem with landlords AmicusHorizon but says he has now been signed off sick due to skin problems and stress caused by the damp conditions.

Mark, who works as a told the Observer: “I was concerned for my daughter and five month old baby and did not feel it was the right condition for them to live in.

“There is damp in the bedrooms and I am having to sleep on a made-up bed on the floor in the living room.

“Bedding was damp, the bed-frame had mould on it and the smell has been horrendous. The children’s toys have been damaged.

“I estimate it will cost at least £2,000 to replace bedding and furniture.

My mum has spent more than £600 on replacing ruined bedding.”

Mr Fairclough believes the damp may be rising and coming from a cavity wall but says AmicusHorizon is insisting that it is condensation and will not carry out more detailed investigations.

He said: “I got in an independent builder to look at it and he said he thought it was not condensation but coming from the walls.

“They supplied a dehumidifier but that is not solving the problem. Damp is still appearing. It is growth on top of growth.

“All I am asking is for my family and I to live in damp free conditions. I am a hard working person who just wants to get on with my life. This is causing so much stress.

A spokesman for AmicusHorizon said: “We have thoroughly investigated this matter and the conclusion is that the problem is condensation.

“We asked a damp proofing expert to view the property in July 2013. The expert concluded that the type of mould and mildew “is indicative of condensation”.

“They could find no evidence to suggest rain water penetration. The cavity on the wall has also been opened and inspected. We have carried out all of the work recommended in the specialist’s report.

“This included installing passyfier vents, and upgrading the extractor fan in the bathroom. We have also now provided Mr Fairclough with a dehumidifier. Our staff visited the property again on 1 April 2014 and there were no signs of penetrating damp/water ingress.”