Danger road parking to be reviewed after U-turn

13/6/13- Traffic congestion in the North Trade Road, Battle.
13/6/13- Traffic congestion in the North Trade Road, Battle.

PARKING arrangements on North Trade Road in Battle WILL be reviewed, following a council U-turn.

Last month, the East Sussex County Council Highways Authority said it had ‘no short or medium term plans’ to review parking on the road, following concerns raised about vehicles mounting the pavement in a bid to get past parked cars.

But now the council says it is aware of ‘urgent issues which need attention’ and is set to look again at the current arrangements.

Mum Yvonne Clarke began campaigning for improved safety measures on North Trade Road after she was clipped by a lorry, which had mounted the kerb trying to get past traffic and parked cars.

The incident, in May 2010, left Yvonne’s hand in plaster.

Following her campaign, ESCC agreed to a number of safety measures on the stretch between Wellington Gardens and the police station, including raised pavements, higher kerbstones, bollards and partial yellow lines.

But campaigners say cars parking near the police station are causing fresh problems.

Recent incidents include a woman with learning difficulties who was almost struck by a bus and an elderly man in a mobility scooter who had a near-miss with a lorry.

Both vehicles had mounted the pavement.

Brian Banks, East Sussex County Council team manager for road safety, told the Observer: “As an authority, we have been through a process of implementing existing parking schemes and we are now in a position to review and prioritise other schemes in the county.

“This needs to be done in a way which ensures our limited resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

“We are aware there are urgent issues which need attention, and once we know the outcome of this review and the level of resources we have available, the parking situation in Battle will be prioritised along with other schemes in the county.”

Becky Gasson, from Wellington Gardens in Battle, launched a fresh campaign calling for improved safety measures on North Trade Road earlier this summer.

Reacting to the county council U-turn, Becky said: “We are really pleased to hear that they are willing to review the parking measures on this very busy road.

“Hopefully something can be done to make the road safe for everyone.”

To find out more about Becky’s campaign, logon on to Facebook and join the group ‘Please make North Trade Road, Battle SAFE for all!!’