Dangerous bus-stop blocks fire station

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A NEW bus-stop at Brede is a death-trap say angry residents.

The new stop has been erected right outside Broad Oak fire station, close to the busy A28 cross-roads.

Broad Oak firefighter Chris Sands said: “Basically when a bus stops there it will block the entrance to the fire station.

“It is not an ideal situation. We have contacted East Sussex County Council and they are going to look at it.”

Parish councillor Leigh Griffin said: “It is not a good place to put a bus-stop. We are not happy about this.”

Resident John Dale, who lives close to the bus-stop, said: “I cannot believe they would be so stupid to put a stop there. It is very dangerous.

“Cars coming from the Northiam direction are travelling at 40mph and will not be able to see around a bus. That area is very congested at the best of times.

“The bus-stop is literally three feet away from the entrance to the fire station.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “This bus stop pole was put in as part of work we are carrying out to upgrade bus stops.

“Buses have been stopping at this location to set down and pick up passengers for many years, even though there has not been a bus-stop pole in place. We recently decided to provide a bus stop pole at several such stops across the county to avoid any confusion for passengers or drivers.

“In response to one or two residents raising concerns about the pole we have already asked our traffic and safety team to review the location. This will take place within the next two weeks and we will update you as soon as possible.”