Deadline for registering votes nears


DON’T miss out on you chance to vote - that is the warning from East Sussex County Council as the deadline for registering votes looms.

Voters across the county will head to the polls on Thursday, May 2, but some people could be denied the chance to play their part in local democracy if they’re not registered to vote.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, April 17. Voters can add themselves to the electoral roll by filling in a simple online form and posting it to their local electoral registration office.

Becky Shaw, chief executive of East Sussex County Council, said: “As an authority, we deal with real issues which affect people’s everyday lives, from roads and transport to education, libraries and care for older people.

“By voting, people have the chance not only to influence the direction the council takes over the next four years but also to choose who they want as their local councillor.”

Anyone who is not already registered to vote, including first-time voters and people who have recently moved house, can register by following a simple, three-step process: Go online to, complete, print off and sign a simple form then post it to their nearest election registration office, details of which are provided on the website.

People can follow the same process to apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote - where they nominate someone else to vote on their behalf.

The County Council currently has 29 Conservative members, 13 Liberal Democrats, four Labour members, two Independent Democrats and one independent. All 49 seats will be contested on May 2.