Diversion causes dangerous traffic situation through Bodiam village

Traffic news
Traffic news

From: Lauren White, The Peaks, Bodiam

I write regarding the diversion of the A268 in Hawkhurst through Bodiam village.

The diversion has created a dangerous traffic situation through the village especially at school time possibly risking the lives of very young children in a preschool setting.

The increase in traffic since this diversion was put in place (which is due to run for another 3.5 weeks) has been exponential. I live on the road and fear for my safety when trying to park on my drive. I have raised concerns about the traffic control on this road in the past and been told the road is safe. It most certainly wasn’t and I’m quite sure it currently isn’t. This is essentially a country lane with no white line demarking the lanes as it is too narrow and it is now taking the traffic of a major a road.

I have emailed the parish council twice and received no response. I have emailed the KCC councillor responsible for the diversion and received no response. I have emailed East Sussex Highways who insist the issue is a KCC one and they cannot assist.

This diversion was put in phase without any consultation with the community most affected by the diversion with only the needs of community the traffic was being diverted away from considered.

HGVs continue to use the diversion despite signage stating otherwise. No-one appears to have any control over this and further this is likely to be repeated later in the year.

I am disgusted with the attitude of those who have imposed this on a rural community and there is real feeling that nothing is being done.