Do you agree with local MP Huw Merriman that Theresa May deserves some sympathy?

MP Huw Merriman with Prime Minister Theresa May SUS-181122-103453001
MP Huw Merriman with Prime Minister Theresa May SUS-181122-103453001

From: John Gately, Harold Terrace, Battle

Huw Merriman writes: “It is Parliament which has failed to deliver Brexit, not Theresa May”. Really?

She started her “negotiation” with the EU by needlessly laying down a set of red lines which in the end weren’t enough to satisfy her own hardliners and made compromise with others (which she only tried to reach after two and a half years) impossible.

She called an unnecessary election which left her at the mercy of Arlene Foster’s Unionists, who couldn’t even claim to represent the people of Northern Ireland, Unionist or Nationalist, who voted by a good majority to stay in the EU.

She appointed David Davis to negotiate with Europe and after he achieved nothing he walked away. Then came Dominic Rabb, who walked away from the deal he himself negotiated.

She kicked the can down the road for two years and then month after month before she even tried (or was forced) to involve Parliament.

And all this is Parliament’s fault?

And why was Huw sorry about Cameron’s departure?

Furious might have been a better feeling.

Cameron called the referendum to settle an internal Conservative party problem, convinced that a remain vote was inevitable.

When it wasn’t he walked away whistling, leaving other to clear up his mess.

There is an ongoing debate about whether Cameron or May was the worse Prime Minister. I nominate Cameron because we can see the damage his policies have caused and the full effects of May’s tenure have yet to be seen, but he was abetted (or led) by George Osborne and had the willing support of the Liberal Democrat collaborators.

May seems to have been a lone actor. Maybe this was part of the problem.

Either way neither of them deserves an iota of sympathy. They have suffered damage to their pride.

Many more in the country have, and will, suffer much worse because of their actions.