Does Rye need traffic wardens to halt this?

Pavement parking continues
Pavement parking continues

THE issue of Rye needing traffic wardens came under the spotlight when the town’s Highways Forum met this week.

Chairman Cllr Granville Bantick said: “Discussions are on going with Rother District Council to decide on decriminalisation for the district.

“ Until a decision is reached by Rother District Council, East Sussex County Council cannot take decriminalisation forward.

“The process to have civil parking enforcement would take roughly two years, and even then would have to be self supporting. If sufficient revenue was generated through fines for infringements this could be the precursor for on street parking charges or pay and display, but the erection of pay and display machines would hardly be acceptable in a conservation area such as Rye.

“A possible solution might be to share the cost of a traffic warden or parking attendant with other neighbouring parishes.”

The meeting took place as more traffic problems were highlighted this week in Rye’s historic cobbled West Street.

West Street resident Gill McGannan said: “Parking on the pavement is a daily problem for residents.

“Sometimes our front door access for pushchairs and wheel chairs is blocked by inconsiderate people who pop to the bank, library or shops.

“West Street and Mermaid Street are access only but this totally ignored by drivers.

“Our family have frequently had to struggle across the cobbles with push chairs and wheelchairs when my mother visits.

“ Perhaps people who park on the pavements should be charged with obstruction as well as illegal parking.

“Recently with a toddler we had to negotiate getting past three illegally parked cars to get home with shopping.”

There are also widely reported on problems at Lion Street in the Citadel, caused by unloading goods vehicles parking on the narrow pavements or blocking the road.