Dog attacks on sheep continue

DOGS have been involved in attacks on livestock at Rye and Guestling.

Two terrier dogs ran amok on land near Military Road killing one sheep and injuring several others.

The incident took place on September 12.

Police say the owner of the dog has been identified and it is anticipated that the matter will be dealt with by way of community resolution and the landowner compensated.

On the same day, at 10.20am, two black dogs were chased off agricultural land at Friars Hill, Guestling after attacking sheep.

One dog has since been seized by police and enquiries are ongoing.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC Fielder on 101 extension 566247.

Farmers in the Pett area have suffered regular attacks on sheep by out of control dogs and have warned that dogs worrying livestock could be shot.

Last year dozens of sheep were killed and mutilated after two Alsatian dogs went on a midnight rampage through fields at Pett.

Tim Jury of Cherry Orchard Farm, lost 19 sheep in the attack, which was thought to involve two Alsatian dogs. Some were ewes in lamb. A further 32 suffered bad injuries.

Andrew Dunlop, of Lunsford Farm, Pett, lost two sheep which suffered horrific injuries, and had a further 16 animals injured.

Both farmers lost a week’s work in trying to sort out the situation.

Mr Dunlop said: “Dogs should be kept under close control anywhere near livestock. The majority of owners are responsible, it is just a few that create a bad name.”