Don’t become a victim of theft

WITH hot weather expected today (Friday) and over the bank holiday weekend and thousands of people heading for the beach at Camber, police are warning people to keep a close eye on their valuables.

It follows a spate of thefts from Camber beach over the summer, including expensive phones that were left unattended.

PC Nigel Collins of Rye Police said: “Do not leave bags unattended, even if you are only a few metres away. This is an open invitation for thieves to help themselves.

“Try to keep valuables out of sight, either tucked away in bags or underneath blankets or towels.”

Sussex Police is also offering the following advice on how to enjoy the beach safely.

Wherever possible, always swim between the flags at a beach that is patrolled by lifeguards.

Never try to rescue someone yourself. If you believe someone to be in danger tell a lifeguard or call 999.

A red flag displayed at a beach indicates danger. Never, under any circumstances, should you enter the water when the red flag is flying.

Always check tide times before you head out to the beach.

Children should be supervised at all times while visiting the beach.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “The police and coastguard get called out to hundreds of incidents each year in Sussex.

“Many of these could be avoided by simply looking out for yourself and those around you.”

For further advice and tips on how to stay safe while at the seaside check out the RNLI website.