Don’t leave valuables in your car, say police

POLICE are warning motorists not to leave valuables in their cars after a number of expensive items were taken from unlocked vehicles in Burwash Common.

Electronic equipment, including sat navs and a laptop, were stolen during a spate of thefts between 1-6pm on Friday November 2.

The four vehicles were parked on driveways in Vicarage Lane at the time of the thefts.

The vehicles, which were all unlocked, were not damaged but various valuable items were stolen, including an Apple Pro laptop, Garmin Sat Nav, Apple iPod, three Navman Sat Navs, two ‘Road Angels’ and two Dartford Tunnel tags.

PC Karen Heyes, from the Battle Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Please keep an eye out for these stolen items.

“If you are offered similar items to buy please refuse and call police on 101 giving as much information as possible.

“Whilst on the subject of items being stolen from vehicles I’d like to offer some advice.

“Remember, next to your house, your car is often the most expensive single item you will buy. You need to consider the following: Is it parked in a secure place? If your car is not fitted with central locking, do you check the rear doors or do you assume they are locked? Check before you leave your car unattended - it only takes a few seconds!

“Have you left any property in or on display in the vehicle, for example, mobile phones, sat navs, laptops, even CDs are a target for thieves and will only attract them to your vehicle.

“Remember, if it’s on display, its easy prey!”