Drink drive conviction toll tops 100 after Christmas crackdown

Another eight drivers have been banned from the roads after being caught as part of Sussex Police’s Christmas crackdown on drink and drug drivers.

The convictions bring the total number of people punished by the courts for drink or drug-driving offences committed during the campaign to 104.

Superintendent Jane Derrick said: “It brings me absolutely no joy that the number of drivers we have successfully prosecuted as part of the Christmas campaign has passed the 100 mark.

“Every person drinking or driving and getting behind the wheel is an accident waiting to happen - putting not only themselves and anyone else in their vehicles in danger but every other person they come across on the roads as well.

“We will continue to seek out and prosecute anyone who is selfish enough to get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs and if that means the number of people we prosecute continues to rise then so be it.

“Every drink or drug driver we get off the roads makes the roads a little bit safer for everyone.”