‘Drink driver’ was drinking juice from a wine bottle

A MAN was stopped on suspicion of drink driving after he was spotted swigging the contents of a wine bottle.

But to the amazement of police he gave a zero reading when he was breathalysed - and admitted his tipple had been nothing stronger than orange juice.

Officers were called to Westfield Lane in Westfield at 2pm on Thursday June 28 following a call from a concerned member of the public.

But after he was pulled over, the Hastings man admitted he had been drinking orange juice from a wine bottle because he couldn’t find anything else to put it in.

A police spokesperson said: “We’d like to send out a message to anyone thinking about using an alcohol bottle for non-alcoholic beverages.

“Please think about how this looks to other people and expect to be pulled over by police if seen driving with it.” He thanked the member of the public for reporting their concerns and asked people to continue to report suspicious behaviour to Sussex Police by calling 101.