Frewen pupils dig for victory in new garden

Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden

PUPILS at Northiam’s Frewen Prep School have been marking Healthy Eating Week by creating a sensory produce garden.

The idea of the garden is to combine food production with enhancing sensory awareness. It also provides a practical centrepiece for the school’s ‘Creative Curriculum’ theme for the summer, the Second World War by taking on board the Dig for Victory campaign.

Creating the garden was made possible by a grant from Local Food, a £59.8 million fund backed by The Big Lottery.

Frewen Prep Headmistress Jeannette Bidder said “The grant has come at just the right time and provides us with an excellent opportunity. The ‘Dig for Victory’ theme is really brought to life when our children can get their hands dirty planting and harvesting their own vegetables and fruit.

“They learn about how the plants grow, and how local food production can bring tremendous health and environmental benefits as well as having helped the country’s war effort.

“As the crops mature we will be celebrating the enhanced taste, texture, smell and colour of fresh garden produce, and we are particularly looking forward to our fresh juicy strawberries!”

Head Gardener Lee Meredith was full of praise for the children’s initial efforts. “They were all really keen to get stuck in to planting and sowing, and learning about the plants.

“The only problem is getting them to understand they will have to be patient. It’s not quite the same as going to the supermarket!”

There is a great deal of evidence that stimulating the full range of senses can greatly enhance children’s ability to learn, and Frewen Prep believes that thanks to their Local Food grant, the Sensory Produce Garden will provide a uniquely practical sensory resource for many years to come.

Healthy Eating Week has been launched by the British Nutrition Foundation. It is being supported by a large number of schools across the country.