PC Dan advises on how to play it safe on visits to beach

Playden beach talk
Playden beach talk

CHILDREN from Playden Primary School learned how to have fun on the beach while keeping safe.

PCSO Dan Bevan came to the school to talk about safety on the beach before the impending school summer holidays.

The talks are aimed at the safety of children visiting beaches and also holiday resorts in the holidays.

They cover the different warning flags used at the beach, rules and regulations, information about tides, sand bars, and a major emphasis on digging holes on the beach and dunes which has been a major issue in past years.

PCSO Dan told them about a past incident at Camber where a young man was buried after digging a large hole, and other instances in parts of the country and abroad.

He also talked about Weaver fish, and jelly fish, and what to do and not to do. How to avoid them and what to do if stung.

PCSO Dan Bevan has been based at Camber Sands and has played a key role in keeping people safe at busy times.

Rye police sergeant Warren Downs said: “With the use of props and photos, the children really enjoyed the course.

“The Courses Dan has been providing are supported by Rob Cass the Rother district council coastal control officer at Camber, who has supplied some of the props and information to use in the talks.

“Holly Newton from St Michaels school in Playden said “PC Dan” as the children call him, is thoroughly engaging and taught the children many important lessons about beach safety.

“His visits are always eagerly anticipated by the children, and they have enjoyed getting to know him.”