Pupils get to meet Olympic volunteers

Guest torch
Guest torch

Two Games Makers who volunteered at the Olypmics and Paralympics visited pupils at Guestling Bradshaw school this week to share their experiences.

Rachel Seal and her daughter Hannah were selected from the original 250,000 applicants. Rachel to help as a driver during the Olympic games and Hannah as a general volunteer at several events and venues during the Paralympics.

The pair brought a large selection of objects and souvenirs that they had collected. They also showed a letter from the Prime Minister thanking them for their volunteering.

Pupils had the opportunity to donate £1 towards the Neurofibromatosis Charity and have their photo taken by Matthew Seal Photography holding an Olympic Relay torch.

The torch owner’s granddaughter is a past pupil and suffers from NF herself. The money raised will go towards funding research in this painful condition and supporting families. The photo shoot raised £60 in total.